When I say I wanna’ make love,
there’s no sex involved.
My gender is male,
so I wanna’ get my sex involved….and evolved,
because we all need to break this misconception
that love and sex is the same affection….correction!
“Making Love” is an emotional bond,
it’s building a connection,
It has nothing to do with achieving an orgasm from an erection.
I learned the hard way,
to make LOVE…………….& SEX
part ways.

You gotta’ say what you mean and mean what you say,
because face it,
“making love”,
somehow got lost in translation.

So let’s………….make…………..cake!
That’ll make more sense if I’d showed you a whisk,
cake mix,
and the rest of the ingredients
because what you put into it,
is what you get out of it……
if you want cake, make cake…..
if you want love, make…. love.

Share with me your deepest thoughts,
feel me without touching me, let me know what’s in your heart.
If you can’t do that when you first lay eyes on me, then you must admit,
“love at first sight” doesn’t exist.
The fact is,
its an infatuation.
lust at first sight, not love.
If you confuse the two it could be used against you,
and if you think about it………….
that’s the number one cause of a broken heart.
To find yourself starting a new beginning, on a love quest
where each dude comes through just as smooth as the next,
so let your lovemaking be a foreplay,
a prologue to sex.

You may LOVE…..the WAY….. SEX…… FEEL.
But if you FEEL… that SEX… is a WAY… to be LOVED….
you’ve been misinformed.
That’s why I want to inform you
that the responsibility is also in the hands of the men,
to take that proverbial pen and draw a line through sand
between love and lust
because trust,
in the end,
they’re better off being just friends.
separate the two.
I know, easier said than done,
but trust me,
you will appreciate the other in the absence of one.

So know your worth,
know your wealth,
before I know you,
know yourself.
make love with yourself…..
and in turn, you will learn to make love
with someone else.

DOC #A518177


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