Maurice Williams

MY APOLOGIES, by Maurice Williams

It’s a hard thing to admit when I’m wrong
to swallow my pride
to grow up from my childish ways
that keep me blind
So here I am to apologize
with my heart on my sleeve
hoping to reach your understanding side
and not the same reflection of me
I can only blame myself
for the consequences I now face
The bitter words I spoke towards you,
I now taste, which only puts me to shame
Far from being the man in which I claim
Humility can be tough to walk in
but I humble myself in recognition
I know my actions don’t always reflect the things that I know
I got alot more to grow
Appreciation! alot more to show
Can you find it in you to forgive my ways
allow me the chance to renew your faith
to make amends on my mistakes
I just ask for you to hear me now
before you choose to shut me out
My intentions were never meant to break you down
I only wished to make you smile
but it only seems I made you cry
and for that
I truly apologize

Maurice Williams
DOC #636892

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