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Introduction Blog, by Walter West

About me: My name is Walter West. I was born in Lake Charles, Louisiana May 8th, 1982.
I did okay in school academically. No honor student, but no flunkie either. I went to F.K. White, Reynald Middle, and spent a few months at Oakpark Elementary. For the most part, i lived off of East Oak Lane. We moved to Carshop after that on 9th street.
I came to prison in 1998. I was 16 years old. It has been a wake up call for me and a long journey. I earned my GED here, received vocational training in small engine repair, graphic communications, and electrical.
I have been focusing on helping others ensure that they have the skills necessary to help them stay out of prison once they are released from here.
I love reading and writing. I enjoy listening to music also. from reggeaton, meringue, & bachata to rap, r&b, and hip hop. I am 5’7, 170 lbs, and a sbm.
Race or creed is no factor. i would love to let more people know just how life in prison really is instead of the sugar coated stuff they get or the false things they see in t.v. shows/movies.
I will be eligible to go up for parole in another 2 yrs from now (Jan 2021). Anything can happen in between that time but for now…If you have any questions about prison, Re-entry, my personal journey, or maybe you just want to say hello you can contact me by email thru: @ Walter West #426915 (state Louisiana)
by snail mail:

Walter West #426915
Raymond Laborde CC/C3-C1
1630 Prison Road
Cottonport, La 71327

P.S. please support InmateBlogger. It is important that prisoners have voices and platforms to speak about issues and events that affect them. Our country still leads the world in the # of people who are incarcerated. each of you can contribute to chipping away at the amount of crime our nation is plagued with by supporting InmateBlogger and the many different plans it has for the future.

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