John Salyers Jr.

Introducing Myself, by John Salyers Jr.

Hi, my name is John Salyers. I have been locked up for the past 34+ years so far, and I am new to the social media outlet. I am very grateful for the opportunity to participate and share with others like this. I am 54 years old, 6′ 1″, long brown hair, blue eyes, and weigh about 170 lbs.
Most guys call me “Stickman” or “Stick”. I see the parole board again in Oct. of 2020, and anticipate a release then, my minimum sentence was 15 years, and the maximum is life.
I am rural/country raised, and love much about that lifestyle, such as gardening, camping, hiking, cooking,
caring for animals and such & such. πŸ™‚
I have lived in Ohio for most of my 54 years of life so far, although my “formative” years (ages 4-10) were spent living in central Florida mostly in my stepdads care. I have three (3) “half brothers, all younger than myself, and all who still live here in Ohio as well. As a youngster, I reluctantly had the responsibility of keeping an eye on them and caring for their daily needs and household chores as our dad spent much of his time at work.
I have matured and evolved in many different ways since my incarceration:
*Emotionally. *Spiritually. *Academically *Interpersonally.
Speaking to my love and care for animals, I used to nurture newborn kittens and hatchling birds on my own in my cell at another prison before being transfered here a few years ago. Other prisoners would bring me these animals when they found them in distress.
Since my incarceration I have accomplished many personal achievements, in the form of certificates, and awards, in recognition of community service, and academic achievements, which include a few of the following:
*Bicycle repair/refurbishment ( for a local church sponsoring underprivileged children ). *Reentry preparation. *Community & Urban Horticulture. *Greenhouse Management. *Administrative Office Technology…
I am presently attending Sinclair Community College, and receive good grades, as I work hard and appreciate the privilege of receiving the formal education that I’ve been offered over the years.
I am a strong, optimistic, hopeful, caring, open, fun loving, hard working, selfless, kinda person who values TRUST & LOYALTY as SACRED concepts!!!
Well, I guess I will close for now as I have rambled on & on about myself more than usual, and I wanna save something else to share in future blogs. πŸ™‚
Oh, my contact info is:

John Salyers Jr. #185067
5900 B.I.S. Road
Lancaster, Ohio 43130

Bye for now… πŸ™‚

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  1. I was your cell mate in Ross for a while. Like 14 years ago. I think about you from time to time. I hope life hasn’t been to harsh and that you get out soon.


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