Sister or Foe, by Nathanel Carter

Too whom this may concern:
Hollow is the heart of the woman who knows not the beauty of love, for not knowing, hardens the immature heart and chills the half filled soul.
Does it excites you (WOMAN) to know that you are the soul controller of a relationship you can walk away from at any given time, and to be the mother and/or seed of disappointment in the mans mind.
It must bring you joy to hold in your powerful hands the ultimate-power to fulfill or destroy the mans emotional standings, and elates your very being to tear from his heart, playing with his mind, and what worth you must feel knowing the attention he gives is all so very true.
Holding dearly and sincerely the value of his words, he loves you, he adores you, but still he deems you the ULTIMATE FRIENDLY DEMON!
No more than a fools word on paper you are, they mean nothing to you; so you couldn’t be any safer.
Sooner or later everyone plays the fool; foolish little homicidal clepto, but should you feel we (MAN) have played this role for you, foolishly?
Here are a few things maybe you should think through, THOROUGHLY:
Think about them lonely nights at home waiting by the phone for him, them, and all of the have nots who desire not your mind just what is below your waist, which is now a waste of time.
All the time and tears you’ve wasted (tasteless), because they had done you wrong from the beginning, and how you cursed him, them, and all of the have nots who desire not your mind for making you feel like your life was over the second he, they and the have nots was gone back home to their life:
As I am still involved, sincerly Uneek The Wryter.

DOC #a373-396


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