so tell me why you left,
was mother not the best,
was it the smoke in your chest.

I know you had a habit,
a father?should have had it,
but you ran like a rabbit,
so when I got old enough I was waiting for you…..stagnant.

it’s okay,mother did your job just swell,
and is there any love in hell,
my kids are doing well,
and at loving them,I won’t fell,
for I have knowledge of a father who failed.

but,I don’t hate you for what you’ve done,
for my children’s journey has just begun,
knowing that they’re raised right will be so much fun,
I’m they’re father,and a really good one.

DOC #A647500

Categories: family, John Caudill, poems

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  1. I found the ideas here really powerful as well as sensitive. My only reservation would be the rather repetitive use of rhyme, which can detract from the seriousness of the message. Otherwise, a good poem.


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