Robert Brandy

My Story, His Struggle – “A Love Letter To Myself” by Robert Brandy

Dear You,

We all come from backgrounds full of violence, neglect, and pain. That’s what makes us so unique and gives our stories so much validity. Who else can help the poor little boy, born to drug addicted parents to understand that his life would consist of many challenges; and that those challenges being systematically structured would only come second natured to him surviving.

What you have inside of you no man can take away. Though you face adversity from every side your soul cannot be defeated. Your spirit will not be broken! You are an Original and not of a duplicate form! What you have envisioned, man can only dream of. What you have been forced to bare, most would have already crumbled under it. Why? Because what God has hidden inside of you no man can silence; that is the will to overcome.

There will be some trying moments that will occur in your life. I came not to dictate your fate, but to allow you the opportunity to examine yourself and grow. The time will come when a man least expects it. There will be no external help; no open arms to be embraced. A time will come when everyone will stop believing in you. It will not come as a shock when the only I love you’s will have to come in the form of self love. When the only helping hand is attached to your own wrist, and the only one left believing is you. When did we stop believing in us? It must of been the first time we were told that we couldn’t achieve, that sent our minds into a tailspin- got us back peddling instead of moving forward; laying down instead of rising up; Begging for validation instead of speaking our Truth.

Robert M. Brandy
DOC #A428-509

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  1. This is truly revealing of the inner self. It is remarkable and shows insight. It is both philosophic and realistic. It is level headed and balanced. You have an intellect which adds value to the reading experience. Never stop communicating your analysis of “the self”, and I applaud this piece as valuable. Regards Chris T. In England


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