Jason Mackerchar

Emptiness, by Jason Mackerchar

Do you ever feel empty at times like the holidays?I do.. I know that people have lives and somewhat fit me into their schedule when they can fit me in. I feel abandoned and alone at times because you create this bond that is unbreakable and one side of you is like, nothings wrong and another side of you is like what did i do wrong? I am not sure because either communication is lost or people are just really busy.. I have been in here for many years and i am going to get out soon. I hope for the best and i hope that everything will go as planned as always.. I have a plan and i hope that i succeed in that plan. I want nothing but the best and i know it will be a hard road.. It doesnt stop the feelings of the past and what to expect for the future..
I am a great man and will show it when it comes time to. I will be a better person that society wants me to be.. I want to be a good person.. I need to be if i want to make it. I dont have much time to get out so plans are secure and in place. I hope. I even get insecure and i am a very strong minded person.
I hope that everyone who reads this blogg has a good christmas.. Spend it with the ones you love and be grateful you have it.
Until next time.


Jason Mackerchar
DOC #77009

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