How Healing Broken Circle be Helping Inmates while they are Incarcerated, by Keith Mustin

there are some many programs that an inmate can seek rehabilitation from in Marion Correctional Institution but when you are in Healing Broken Circles, you seek education, peace, and friendship all in one.
one of the programs is Theatre Of Conviction which consists of Dr. Jesse Glover who is a professor at Marion Otterbien College in Performing Arts. she helps inmates learn about how to act, direct, and even just self-awareness in how to approach situation by using your think process in tough situation. it’s really a program where you bring your talent to display through directing a play.
nkow improv “playback” and “take that back” is a program by Mr. Bill who help brings everyday events to life through feelings, contemporary, comedy and performing atrs. this is a feel good program because whatever tough days you had in life can be told through your words and can turned into a play or impov event.
G.P.S. is another program by Ms. JoDee Davis who does a 3 day program based on intelligence, emotion, and problem solving. this program helps inmates through adjustments in life in prison and the outside world ( what i call out of prison). it help with handling situation that you feel is impossible to find solutions to.
there are other programs such as Writer’s Group, Spanish, Embark Christian program, yoga, meditation, and other programs that has individuals from the outside world to take time to help us inmates find the “light at the end of the tunnel” when it comes to just being away from the prison drama for the time being.
you can go under to learn more about the program and how this program means to inmates.
thank you for listening and may God Bless you.

Keith Mustin
DOC #505-112

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