Feels Good 2 have someone on my team again, by John MCconnell (aka Mac)

Damn it feels good 2 have someone on my side again and Im not sure who I owe it 2 if its a higher power or if its but either way thanks 2 both lol. My friend who I will keep anonymous came into my life and has done nothing but lift me up in every way she possibly could from positive words all the way to helping me eat well in here for the holidays. Miracles do happen because I shit you not when she came into my life I was probably at the very darkest time in my whole life but she has been and still is like a bright light in my life to guide me through my times. Thank you my dear friend and you know who you are. It is people like you that make me know there are really genuinely GOOD people in the world not just phonies as I had assumed previously. My friend MAKES me kknow also that I am still a person not just a damn criminal who is worthless lmfao and as dumb as it may sound sometimes a guy like me needs 2 hear that…. Sometimes when you’re doing time you forget that this is not the end this is not LIFE this is absolute SHIT BUT WE WILL MAKE IT THROUGH BECAUSE LIKE ALL ELSE THIS TOO WILL ABSOLUTELY PASS!!! Im gonna end this entry here 4 now on a good note of wishing all Happy Holidays….
As Always,
John Robert MCconnell #a731514
Lebanon Correctional Institution
Lebanon, Ohio
JPay System
E.d.s. 5/13/2036
BUT Imma make it out before that TRUST AND BELIEVE!!!

John MCconnell
DOC #a731514

Categories: friends, John Mcconnell

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