Anthony Waters

LOVE, by Anthony L. Waters


hey love I bet u wondering why I am so happy today,
well today I decided to look at life in a whole different way,
there is so many things I yet have to say,
being beautiful is being bold,
it doesn’t matter the color of your skin,
or the texture of your hair,
its as a open heart surgery,
the one who is controling the tools to operate has to care,
every day we open our eyes its a miracle,
so we as humans has to look beyond the physical,
all people some how are beautiful,
old or young,rich or poor,
everyone has a gift that’s different then mines like yours is different then there’s,
well today I decided to look out a different window and view things differently,
as I look around me I realized that everyone is not as fortunate to have special people in there lives who can bring a smile to their face as I do,
I am greatful and blessed to know our rivers crossed,
I just wanted to let u know u are special to me and when I think about u,
you bring me pure bliss.
I know that no matter when or how long before we are face to face again the distance that seperate us will only prove the value of true love will last a life time.
see when I was born into life I was crying and everybody around me was laughing,
so when its my time to go I will lay down with a smile instead of crying,
because I found what people may take a life time to find,
love and a friend who would stand by me until the end…

peace to the true and living

DOC #720-786

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