Joshua Barron

“Sunshine in Hell” – by Joshua Barron

Have you ever seen the sunshine from a lonely prison cell, or felt so lonely inside but had no one to tell. Everyone says they miss you and wishes you were there, though deep down inside, you feel that they just don’t care.
You see the same ole mail man as he greets a hundred other men, sadly the letters you’ve longed for, have failed to come again.
My time here has only begun, along with the pain.
How does one treat friends and family who have let me down. Should I act as though their inactions do not matter, when it meant so very much, to have there words on paper, to have their touch.
I ask you again…
Have you ever seen the sunshine from a lonely prison cell…… Remember one thing……

The sun doesn’t shine in Hell

* * *

I am Joshua Barron. I have been in Lebanon (LeCI)for around 5 months. My projected release date is around February 2026, unless I am granted a judicial release. If that happens, the date will change to 2023. If I go full sentence, my oldest child will be 21 and my youngest will be 13( the age of my oldest now).

If anyone would like to comment on my writings, I do not have anyone to check the website for me. I only have JPay email and the noted “snail mail” mentioned in my little writing above.

Joshua Barron #A745261
P.O. Box 56
Lebanon, OH 45036

I have more writings and thoughts to be shared. A reach out from someone who would be interested in reading more would be gratefully appreciated and will be fullfilled with a more personal look into who I am.

Thank you for reading.

Joshua Barron
DOC #A745261

P.O.Box 56
Lebanon, OH 45036

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    • I too was once in your shoes ..i felt the loneliness first hand ..keep writing there are people who need to hear what u have to say ..u sound very can turn what was meant for bad to good ..keep writing

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