Eric Denson

“The Bully Game!!!” by Eric Denson

According to Webster Dictionary, the meaning of the ‘word’ “bully” means, the following, “a tormentor of those smaller or weaker, etc.”

In this brief presenation, I intend to address, in short, number one, “The Psychology of bullying;” Number two, “The Physiology of a Bully;” Number three, “The Objective of a Bully;” And the Solution to Bullying.” In BOLD PLAIN ENGLISH, A bully is, for the most part, “a coward or extremely uneduated person!”

It’s stands to reason, educated and rational people, don’t rely upon size (physically biggness) to get their point across.”

“This brings me to my first point of concern, The Psychology of bullying.” the bully tries to acheive his goals and objectives by using “tools of Intidation” such as his physical size, a weapon, a larger bank account, a bigger vocabulary, etc, to have his way, with the situation at hand. Instead of trying to intellectally navigate his or her self threw the situation.

“Number two,” The Physiology of a bully, the bully, in most cases is bigger and or have more than the person they are bullying, and the bully is hoping to acheive his objective, by using his or her size over the other person.

“Number Three,” The objective of the bully is to dominate the situation based strictly on bulk strength, and to win over, because Of this factor. “The Solution to bullying,” the actual solution to bullying, will vary, based upon alot of factors, such as the person who is bullying, whay is his goal and objective, etc. there isn’t any one answer that would solve the issue of the “Bully Game!”

The central focus should always be to stand up to the bully! “NEVER SHOW FEAR TO THE BULLY!!!” The bully thrives off you fear! If you know a concern or fear of the bully, bring it to his or his or her conscious mind. In hopes you can get the bully to stop and reflect upon what they are doing.

In most instances, the bully is alittle child in a big boy body, and simply needs proper love and attention.

And there are some cases, the bully needs a good “old fashion” Behind whipping to bring him down to earth. and this factis always near. Thank you, for these few minutes of your time!

Eric Van Denson
2240 Hubbard RD
Youngstown, Ohio 44505
Or Denson A-451-212

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