“Two day Relentless Prison Ministry Hope Event… a commedian, worship, and my personal message.” By Paul Stotts

Today went by so qucikly! It was so much fun!!! The day was full of worship music, positive messages and a comedian. My favorite was by far was the comedian. His name was Jaron Myers. Jaron put on a 45 minute skit that had the room full of laughs. He’s actually pretty big in the comedy world and works this jod full time. I can see why because he actually has several viral net videos that would be worth you checking out!!! The most popular is the “Chick-Fil-A Rap Video.” We didn’t get to see this one at the event, but I was informed it has 50 million views on the net and is defantly worth a Google search! By far this was the highlight of my day, my week, my month. I’m a complete comedy guy and don’t think I’ve laughted this hard since…. we’ll the last time I sow Jaron perform at another Hope event a little over a year ago. This is actually the third time I’ve seen him here at Lansing Correctional Facility. Its made for enjoyment each and every time!!!
As the day was closing up, I took the stage to give a five minute message on the courage to forgive. I’ve been put into some very tight spots in my life where forgiveness was the only option to push forward and do the right thing. There is one perticular situation I was put into that will stay with me for the rest of my life. It’s a story I plan to use to inspire, to push for hope and incouragment. This event in from of almost 75 other men felt like the perfect place to share the story.
The story I told was of how I found the courage to forgive. One day, a little over ten years after my crime that I was sent to prison for 30 years for, I went back to county jail and was put in a cell with was none other than my codefendant. This was a man who testified to assist in the prosicution of my case. There was a lot of unresolved tention between the two of us, things that I never really dealt with because there was no reason to.
My message was basically that holding on to past hurts, being done wronge… it does nothing but wear on us. Forgiveness is getting over the past, accepting, and moving on. It’s making peace with others and situations that don’t always sit well with us at first. I shared how I was able to put our differences aside, and without going into many details, my codefendant and I had some differences. He was sentenced to probation for his assistance in the crime that I was sentenced to 30 years in. I was able to talk to him, forgive him. I was even able to discuss the posibility of us telling our story someday… together. Now anyone that knows anything about prison politics and the way things work in here, this is not the way “prison politics” say this chance incounter should have happened between my co-defendant and I. With the power or God… through prayer, and through allowing the Holy Spirit to work through me I was able to fully forgive this man, take responsibility and move on in my life. I think I was able to allow him to heal a little as well. Life if about healing and growing. My story sparked some pretty deep conversations on this subject, which was the whole point of sharing.
We have a whole day number two tomorrow!!! The food was fantastic!!!! We has T-bone steak stew today. I hear tomorrow is home cooked speghetti with garlic bread!!! Another one of my favorites!
I want to give a big one last shout out to all the people that make this work for us!!! To Cody Carters Relentless Prison Ministries here at Lansing Max security prison!!! Thank all of you!!!
Gob bless and have a wonderful day!!! I know we all did here at Lansing today!

Paul Stotts
DOC #93319

Lansing Max. Correctional Facility, Kansas

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