Abdul Griggs

No Justice, No Mercy, and No Peace. by Abdul Griggs

The Criminal Justice System, gives No Justice,No Mercy,or Peace to the minority, the system was design to break our Spirits and Souls.
I will give true facts on a father’s broken heart and this isn’t wrote for anyone to feel sorry for me, but feel sorry about how a child died thinking her father didn’t love her no more, feel sorry about how many people this might happen too next,and feel sorry how bad the system is broken.
At the age of 5 my beautiful lovely princess was diagnosed with stage 3 Brain Stem Cancer, fought it with all her strength and might,doctors stated it was an 95% chance she wouldn’t leave the hospital alive,her mom broke down in tears and then my princess gave her mommy a hug and said, “mommy don’t cry, I’m strong just like daddy”. I was contacted by the hospital at the time while I was incarcerated, I was also denied at first to attend a bedside visit with my princess while she was fighting for her life, then 4 hours later I was told I had to sign a consent form to pay $300.00 in order to attend the bedside visit with my princess. I went 2 days later shackled down like a wild animal. Just imagine going to see your 5 year old baby being strapped up to all these machines, crying for her dad,going in and out of unconsciousness and when I finally arrived all shackle down she thought I had on platinum braclets all though I wasn’t allowed to hug or hold her.
Yes, I was convicted of a crime and all that and I been doing my time while appealing my convictions,but in unusual personal circumstance like this I believe every parent would want to go see their child,hold their child, hug their baby just to give some type of security or hope that everything will be okay. So tell me, where was the Justice, Mercy,or Peace?
After this,my daughter shocked everyone and walked out of the hospital and fought for 5 years but the sad thing was she was denied to come to visit me because they didn’t want to be held responsible if anything was to happen to her. She always asked me,”daddy why dont you love me nomore? Why dont you come see me when you know that I’m getting sicker? or why cant I come see you? Now once again I would like to know where was the Justice, Mercy,or Peace in denying a dying child to visit her father?
Last but not least, I was denied to attend my princess funeral because the Criminal Justice System felt as though I was High Risk even when my family was willing to pay the fee for transportation. So why was I as a Parent, Man,Brother, Friend, Uncle, Son, and most of all a human be denied Justice, Mercy or Peace even though I am incarcerated? And I truly believe that no matter what a person has been convicted of, you should never be stripped your human rights as a father, brother,friend,or son.

Abdul Griggs
SBI #000801020b

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