Bennie Lackings

How Dangerous Are We ??? By: Bennie Lackings

How dangerous are we? Really though… Here we are at the Louisiana State Penitentiary sentenced to do forever behind bars, because people claim that we are some of the most dangerous people in the nation… We are so-called menaces to society….. If that’s true, then how can we live in “general population” along with about 3,000 other prisoners with very little problems. We go to church together, we go to the dinning room together,and we even go to the gym together… We have offender health care orderlies, ministers, and nurse aids, who care for the next prisoner… How dangerous are we? A high percentage of the the correctional officers here are females, who run things with a tight fist and they are highly respected by us. Many people from different churches visit us at least once a month for service and you can feel the presence of God. How Dangerous are we? There’s even a festival like event entitled”Returning Hearts’ where an offender canvisit with his children/grandchildren all day, and mingle with other children and their parents/grandparents. And we can’t forget about the October and April Rodeo events where prisoners entertain and sell crafts to people from all over the world; and so many of us can mingle with the crowd, and all of us there are allowed to talk to the people. How dangerous are we? We have GED(HI-SET) School, A Bible College, Trade Schools, and Ashton University in here too. And the brothers in here are really changing for the better in here…. There’s so many programs in here that are helping us become great additions to society once released from prison. We are even allowed to get married and we receive contact visits from family, friends, spiritual advisors, and attorneys. With all of these great things going on in here. I really hate to bring this to your attention, but we are the ones who were sentenced to life without the benefit of parole, probation, or suspension of sentence; along with others who are practical lifers and juvenile lifers. We are talking about real human beings who made mistakes, and have rehabilitated or are in the process of rehabilitating themselves!!!! We are in the hands of The Department of Public Safety and Corrections… They’ve set up programs in here that have really help us…. I don’t know the exact number, but I know for sure that I am living in the same prison with an oversized load of rehabilitated men, and some of them should’ve never came to prison period… Just like doors can be locked- they can get unlocked. I am more than sure the Louisiana isn’t the only state that has prisoners who are in a “no hope” situation, but but have made a complete turn around. Is it possible for the people of this “civilized” country to forgive and release those who have made mistakes in their lives and have showed remorse and change ????? Our Creator(GOD) created this force called: “Unconditional Love”. And we are the gods and goddesses of the planet. So, will someone please tell me- When are we going to be Godlike people and start manifesting the forgiveness and unconditional love that we want our creator to have for us on judgement day????? For we(the rehabilitated prisoners) are not a threat to society. Society needs people like us. We are the ones that made the mistakes and have corrected ourselves, and we can be the ones that can really reach the minds of the youths and the adults that are in need of proper guidance. We have ministers, sign language teachers/students, wielders, auto machanics, CPR specialists, artists, carpenters, health care teams, tutors, seamsters, jewelry makers, and many other individuals with unbelievable skills. We are sons, fathers, grandfathers, uncles, friends, and cousins of real people out there. The majority of our hearts are hurt for forgiveness and a second chance at life….. So, believe me-“We are not threats to society”. We are no more “dangerous” than you are. We are only human…… We’ve made mistakes and we are now ready to give back to society….

Bennie Lackings
DOC #326869

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  1. I move through life keeping this one sentence in mind : “There is no saint without a past, there is no sinner without a future.” It puts an end to all judgement ! Nice read Bennie !

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