Bennie Lackings

“We are all family” By: Bennie Lackings

I am a little shocked at the fact that a loving person like myself doesn’t have a “Best Friend” on the other side of the fence. It’s understandable that I am in the belly of the beast for a crime that was committed 27 years ago. But does that stop me from living and experiencing the things in life that make life worth living ??? I was told that a lot of people don’t like corresponding or dealing with incarcerated individuals. Well, we are human too. I’ve been in prison for 27 years now, and I’ve met a lot of good people in here, who truly don’t deserve to do the remainder of their lives in prison. We are human!!! And human beings make mistakes. There’s some hype that hits the ears of most people once they enter this system. Statements like:”don’t trust no one”, “don’t barrow anything from anyone” and/or “don’t drop the soap”… If “We” as people from society are to be “rehabilitated” as they say to be re-entered back out into society, then why are certain things being preached to us that will only cause paranoia. Prison isn’t that “Hardcore” environment full of theives, rapists, and murderers like most people think… It’s a warehouse full of misguided and broken-hearted men and women. Who are willing to cut their arms off if that’s what it takes to get a second chance, to show their families, communities, and the world that they can change and be better people. Some of our families have turned their backs on us just because we are convicts. And some have applied the “out of sight-out of mind” thing toward us. Many of us are trying to reach out into society trying to meet people – new people. People that we can pour our hearts out to, and prove to them that we are trustworthy and loyal. Lets be real here… “We are all family” and there’s really one race that matters, and that’s; “The Human Race”. The Creator is real. Unconditional love is real. I am asking for people to have more compassion for the men and women who are incarcerated. Please consider befriending someone in prison. Having friends outside matters to these people in prison just like it matters to you. Even Jesus stated in the Bible in so many words that if you haven’t show compassion for the sick or those in prison,etc.. ; then you aren’t doing the good that you should be doing…. We are all family. So, please, open your hearts to your fellow human beings who are incarcerated. Everybody needs someone to be there for them. Especially, when that person is isolated from the real world. Reach out to your brothers and sisters in prison……..

Bennie Lackings
DOC #326869


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