David White



I- KING DAVID Stand here today,To take the women I love for life-

To be her rising sun when she open her eyes,And be her moon when she sleeps at night-

To be the man she loves for richer and poor,for sickness and in health-
And that time and day that she get sick I’m prepared to be her health-

I’ll climb a mountain, I’ll swim a ocean, I’ll walk the burning sands-
Threw the UP’s and DOWN’s and in’s and out’s,I’m prepared to be your man-

I’ll chase you if you run away, catch you if you like-
An promise to love every part of you,With all my strength and all my might-

It’s okay to let your guard down, To protect you is my duty-
To love you threw every bump in the road, and give you my heart truly-

Threw the coldest Valley, On the darkest night,I’ll guide you to the light-
And warm your body with every kiss,because I’m your husband your my wife-

The is dedicated to that special women,WHERE-EVER you are in the future…who would complete me in every given way…PEACE…With Universal Love until Universe brings us together….I-KING DAVID

David L. White #A639-397
P.O BOX 56
Lebanon,Ohio 45036

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