Robert Williams

Introducing Robert Williams

Hello world,
My name is Robert Williams, but people call me B.U.D the acronym stands for brain under development. We learn everyday ,even if its through our mistakes,so its safe to say we are all Budding in many ways.But anyway I am 33 years old I’ve been incarcerated for 6 years ,my latest outdate is sept.2025.I’m from Cincinnati Ohio .I grew up in a rough area,with no parents, and I pretty much got the shitty end of the stick all my life ,but I blame no one because then I get stuck in victim mode.Plus 10% of your life is what happens to you 90% is how you react to it.I’m currently incarcerated for a heated domestic dispute with the mother of my son in which she almost killed me ,I was stabbed multiple times ,shot at and lyed on in court . And even with evidence being in my favor I was still sentenced to 13 years and I’m still fighting to get out .As crazy as it may sound ,I don’t hate her and wish her the best,hopefully time will allow her to conquer her demons and come clean. But anyway I have 2 beautiful little girls 16 and 11and a son who is 10,I’m into writing poetry ,comedy sketches, and also music. Most of my conversations or bloggs will consist of ways ,that people of color ,and also people period can merge to deal with issues such as racism ,sexism, mass incarceration of black,and brown people and what goes on behind these walls .I will also be using this opportunity that Mrs.Jennings has provided me with to show love to the 3 and the B.Q.C blacc kings and queens coalition ,the Q in the acronym represents the king and queen together because there are so many things dividing us in the world today and we really need each other,so before I close this intro in would like to say let’s be counter productive against the devilish ways of the world and MERGE!!

Robert Williams #679-743
p.o box 56
Lebanon Ohio 45036


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