David White

Seeing Her !!!! by: David White (aka I-KING DAVID)


Good morning BEAUTIFUL, how are you doing –
I see the pain inside you eyes –

Threw that sexy smile that’s on your face –
And the broken heart you tried to hide –

I’m just hoping that my thoughts that your reading –
Will ease your heart and ease your mind –

Through rigid roads that you took just to find true love –
Will lead your heart right to mine –

Am I wrong to want compassion –
Am I wrong to want true love –

Am I wrong for wanting a women to need me –
The way the earth need the sun above –

I need a women that’s not afraid –
Not to afraid to wanna live –

I need a women that’s going to accept my Love –
And show the love that she wants to give –

I promise I’ll be real patient and I’ll strive to take my time –
I promise I’ll be real gentle, Atleast gentle most of the time –

Just Show me who you are….the GOOD,the BAD,the BEST of YOU –
Only show me what I could have, and MAKE ME EARN THE REST OF YOU!!!!!!

This is dedicated to every women who felt I didn’t cherish them…..I APOLOGIZE…please don’t let my immaturity in our past detour you from your happiness in the future…Find your happiness rather it’s with me or with another individual….This is also dedicated to every WOMEN who chooses to LOVE ME threw it all…..with Universal Love…PEACE…I-KING DAVID

David L. White #A639-397
P.O. BOX 56
State Route 63
Lebanon, Ohio 45036

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