Davughn Shaw

just my thoughts on love…;)) by: Davughn Shaw

its so crazy how long we’ve known each other.. we never gave us a chance.. we always knew we were meant to be.. but we never was.. we always knew this was destined.. but then again we seemed so far away…. but finally we realize and finally we are so determined… and we finally give us a chance… we try love together instead of trying love with someone else.. we always would chase that feeling but it was with the wrong person.. we see no matter how far away we are.. no matter what the circumstances or situation is.. once you try love with that special person and you know its true love cause you can be 1000 miles away from that person but as soon as you think of her you just smile… like yeah… that’s that love I been waiting on.. that’s the feeling I been yearning for.. once you got that love you hold on to it with everything in you.. never lie to that love.. never cheat on that love… cause once that feeling is gone.. you’ll never feel it like you feeling it at that point and time.. if you do that love wrong you’ll be chasing that feeling for the remainder of your life but will never experience it like you are now… what I’m saying is there’s always somebody for someone.. when you find that person no matter where they are, who they are, or what they are.. you love them with every bone in your body.. its a great feeling… thank you!!

Davughn Shaw #729-114
p.o. box 788
Mansfield, Ohio 44901


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