David White



When she breathes I breathe
When she moves I move

We sway as one in the wind
When she grooves I groove

As she grows I grow
When I hurt she cries

Our hearts beats the same beat
If she dies I’ll die

I never complain about her flaws
She never rush my patiences

Just in case there is a rainy day
I’m her SUN SHINE waiting

I’ll never leave her in the cold
We’ll freeze together

Our bond is way past eternal
The meaning of life forever

I’m her rain in the dry’est desert
She’s my heat in the coldest space

I have the tools for her broken heart
Inside my arms is her safest place

I wipe her tears with a gentle hand
And put a smile on her sexy face

wont waste no time to fulfill her needs
Can’t be the one to make my women wait

All decisions we make together
ain’t no I’s when it comes to us

23 hour we’ve been making love
Another hour and the dawn is dust

One side of our love
Another sign of our passions

They ask what type of love is this

is When two separate trees that are different intertwine with eachother. They grow and form together. Which inturn makes them start to depending on eachother for life…With Universal LOVE….PEACE

David L. White #A639-397
P.O. BOX 56
State Route 63
Lebanon, Ohio 45036

Categories: David White, poems

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