Dennis Watson

Everlasting Woman By Dennis J. Watson

What would i do without you? Even when i avoid, everything surrounds you, you are the reason, why, I shave, bathe, do too good & misbehave at the same… The name you possess alone makes you everything beyond a mere dame, having the ability to tame or put to shame… Either shade or flavor my taste saviors it neighbors the same beauty… Which ever language you speak my ears don’t understand, my heart can comprehend fully… You don’t need to bully me to have me fully in the grasp of your attention… You had me at hello, with a deeper will to know God’s greatest invention… I would take a lifetime of detention if you were my teacher… your heels to my sneakers would share & lace the soul of the seeker… Nice to meet you, they call me boylee. whenever you come around my heart never slows down, & the boy leaves… Please, just give my undeserving needs a chance if you’re out of my league… I believe you have the power in the sway of your hips to give the vision back to stevie… I know it ain’t easy, but at least i’m trying… I defy myself if your silk will let me slide in… Don’t get me to lying, knowing you fly too, wit yo thick ass… A seductive glare to the man unprepared would draw enough heat to melt glass… I have to admit though, woman are a lot smarter… With the ability to give life makes them love a lot harder… Than we do… But the voodoo you do makes us spend 2 times as much, time & money… Hoping one day that the results of it bring you between my sheets on a sunday… Will you stay? Or lead me to believe that i ever had a chance? Chivalry dies every time we refuse to hold hands… Until our eyes meet & tongues dance in the silhoutte of a candle.. You only exposes pieces of yourself, so it’s more than i could ever handle, but hold on… This is me we’re talking bout… Plus, out of all the gamers & fake mandingo slangers i’m far from a slouch… I’ve pronounced myself a King, so are you regal? Or is it vanity & material things that lead you, because we don’t need that… Expose your priceless artifact that i can snack on but never ingest… Caress the best portions of nothing that the secrets confess… Just be the best version of you, that’s the best thing you can accomplish… Be beautiful, like the immortal reflection of you, the the everlasting woman

Dennis J. Watson
DOC #A632936


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