FAITH, by Marcus McFarlane

Faith-believing in the unseen,or unknown

Believing in something or someone even if its not reciprocated doesn’t make you weak or less just makes you human and means you have compassion or empathy for your fellow man/woman.if someone you’re always putting your faith in constantly let’s you down and you continue the same pattern is that a form of insanity or stupidity ! what if you want the world and more for someone and they don’t think you should have the same. you shower them with praise and adoration to show them your there, you care and your appreciation. I don’t know if its normal or just me telling myself the normal excuses “its just another bad day,I know that’s not what she meant”. I hope one day i am proven wrong but having faith in someone can be fucked up, especially when you’ve been let down multiple times.I guess that was when I was younger and dumber,or blinded by the human nature of companionship.all I have left is my sympathy for others that’s been in my shoes,but faith in someone else is no longer an easy thing to have.I know the past isn’t supposed to affect the future ,only make you better equipped for certain many lessons do I need to learn before I get it right !

Marcus McFarlane #698-790 901
leavittsburg,oh 44430

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