Keith Bond Jr.

Honest Misery. by: KEITH Bond, Jr (aka The Painter)

Where was YU design,
who traded your mind?
Most woman live off lies.
YU created time built by a disguised….
Pretty smile with no spine,
long neck no hind.
First woman I met ,
who’s brain is not her behind….
Especially since her beauty ain’t her soul,
so much friction in your fiction.
Yo’ truth became cold.
So’many wrinkles in your petals that your blossom look froze,
and it shows.
Like cracking dead skin.
The mirror of your heart becomes your bestfriends…..
Now yu can breath again,
as YU shed tears to feel warm….
The best emotion YU felt since YU been scorn…

Honest Misery

KEITH Bond, Jr
DOC #537-103

Categories: Keith Bond Jr., poems

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