Travis Smith


“to eat and drink without a friend,is to devour like the lion and wolf”

Where each conscious observer has no choice but to participate in the branching off of other universes.Of course you are only aware of one world at a time.We explain this later.Roger Penrose has expressed disdain for this idea.He says instead of splitting universes,what is called a state reduction occurs. This refers to the collapse of the quantum wave function.Basically nature chooses a reality and elimates all other possible history paths.Presently,more and more new generation scientists are subscribing to the many worlds,because of the prevalence of multiple universes in the mathematics. I personally like the notion of the creation of a grandiose theme where there is a infinitude of a multiplicity of you’s and me’s .where we inscrutably live out all of quantum mechanics obsessive compulsive omnipotent feature of acting out any thing that is not forbidden by nature.
Some people do not like this idea at all.I’ve heard some despair over it,thinking such a vast reality places us in insignificance. They still want to believe in immortality and heaven…I say we are already looking out from the inside…and before us is the eternal life given in an ingeniously devised creation of this infinite being or god,we live and die by means of this audacious and intrepid master scheme.There is no reason to feel engulfed by this ineffable simulacrum sense of et alia…just close your your eyes and awake in a new world.
For now I sit in prison waiting to die,to seek out Sara and see what future awaits us.Day after day,night after night,I lay staring at some decrepit cobweb in the corner.It sways back and forth,like the mocking pendulum of eternal time.It never seems to change,but I know it does deep down.Its structure is changing as I obsess over its condition and seem to begin feeling its sticky substance inside my head.It is strung together by the pieces of materials gently sifting about the stagnant air.It knows I am thinking about it,and taunts me with its wretched twirling. I blankly stare at it as time slows down and I become hexed by this insidious hour glass continuously measuring the same hour over and over.Einstein said we would never consciously experience any relativistic effects in our sense of reality…but I do,I do.Time dilation crawls through me in a tormented creeping anguished march.I can actually feel the slowing of atomic oscillations,as my heart beats slow down synchronizing with its constituent particles as it winds its way through the molecular valence and up and out of me crushing me in its clutches.My mind accelerates to the speed of light stretching out the final tick of time bringing me to the brink of reality,as I look to the clock and see its hands gone and I fall looking down into the abyss…and finally…
A pain explodes in my chest, and I gasp for breath.It hurts bad and I admit I’m terrified,but excited.I grasp at nothing and wait.The cobweb is still now.People are gathering around,staring down indifferently.I know they will execute their duty to attempt to revive me,but it will be in vain.I might be smiling as I slip beyond their reach,finally escaping captivity. I fall down the slope of the spacetime parabola and disappear in the dark.
As I appear in the higher dimensional realm of Hilbert space,the last spurt of blood pulses through my veins and my heart stops.As the last lingering electrical activity continues,one last lucid dream unfolds in a frenetic fury of exploding neural activity during my brain’s death throes.Alot of different kinds of scientists would say this is the absolute end for my mind.But these are not revolutionary scientists keeping in step with a particular idea,that the mind does not arise as a feature of classical physics,as electrochemical neural activity.They are missing the big picture and focusing only on the tip of the iceberg.The mind must begin much deeper,go down below the electrochemical activity,to the deep mechanical waves in the cells,and then deeper into the microtubules, and here you reach the beginnings of quantum physics.And this is a whole new realm of reality,separate from the world of macroscopic classical physics.
I will never fully understand quantum mechanics and relativity.My brain is simply too inefficient. So a technical comprehension will remain beyond my grasp.I am doomed to be at the mercy of reading the doctors of philosophy books aimed at the layperson.At first I almost gave up trying to articulate this idea because of this limitation.But for my higher powers’sake I finally concluded it is possible to express in conceptual terms with out knowing how to solve differential equations. Even without an extensive mathematical background I recommend reading Penroses’ books.A reasonable minded person can acquire enough insight to appreciate the fundamental concepts of relativity and quantum mechanics.

Here there really be ghost.I move among phantom shadows in this eerie dreamscape.In the back of my mind I am aware I’m dreaming sometimes,but it comes and goes.I do not notice that the laws of physics seem not to apply in the normal sense.Energy conservation does not seem to hold(Niels Bohr would be delighted)as objects appear and disappear.This is as close as the hominin mind can come to the quantum world,the dream effects seeming analogous to quantum effects,where cause and effect order ceases.There is also the bizarre lack of gravity,where I am sometimes given to fly.Light years of space can be traversed in the blink of an eye.Unknown spectators loom in the background watching curiously before fading away back to where they came from.

Travis Smith
DOC #529433

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