The Death Of A Season, by Matthew Epperson

The world is going through changes. Like a teenager growing, blooming into a mature adult, the world is growing older in this year. A single year is a mirror image of how we age. Born into winter with uncertainty and little to work with; a new life that has small expectations. Spurred into spring with a questioning heart that is morphing into a young adult; we must be taught and tilled until we can produce a harvest in the later years of our lives. Flourishing in summer as we’ve grown into responsible adults; learning the world and its ways. Shrivled into a leaf without chlorophyl, we have aged and turned into what we were when we started. Autumn is the season of harvest, the time of year when celebration and reunions come. The world is goign through changes. I wish there were more time in a day to explain, but alas, the seasons have changed.

Go see something live!

Thanks to everyone who have consistantly been with me in a prayer and in support. I believe you all believe in the success that will come out of this experience.

Matthew Epperson
DOC #28482

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  1. I love the way you brought life through the seasons and compared our maturation to that of a harvest, a leaf, a shriveling. Your imagery is beautiful. You have a gift – a way with words. Keep on writing! ❤


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