Jeffrey Tobias

“TRYING TO MAKE THE TRANSITION; The Prison System/Life of New York State vs. The Prison System/Life of The State of Ohio”, By Jeffrey Tobias, Part VII

I didn’t know EVERY LAW, that was birthed into existence, were Laws that were put into place to hamper and enable the Black Race, particularly the Black Man. Those two Columbia courses, coalesced with the History 105 class, brought that paper to fruition, so of course it ORIGINATED in those TWO classes. I’m about to get a little philosophical on you: Life is what you learn from your experiences, whether they’re first or second hand experiences makes no difference, and you apply those lessons (as a matter of fact, it’s best to learn from someone else’s mistakes). I took everything I learned from my studies and constructed, what I believe to be, “ONE” of the BEST 10 page Term Papers on Slavery, maybe in the history (pun intended) of Mercy College.
As mentioned previously, he gave me a “B” on my paper; but, he had the nerve to give me a “B” as my final grade! I questioned him, “How is that possible?” He said, “You know you missed a lot of days.” First off, He knew I was in the hospital on two occations, once in August, 2017 and again in September, 2017, both for Walking Pneumonia. I only missed two days each time, because we only held class twice a week; secondly, he also knew I went out on an F.R.P. Visit. None of which is suppose to count against me, especially when I didn’t miss any homeworks, or test! He was foul for doing that. I damn near died and he’s talking about, “You missed some days.” GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE! I don’t care what excuse he’ll try to use, I believe, whole heartedly, it was because of my paper!
I guess he’s of the mindset that “Blacks should get over it; it happened, now let’s move on!” Will the Jewish community ever let the ENTIRE WORLD forget about the HOLOCAUST? ABSOLUTELY NOT! So, why is it that other Nationalities, even some ignorant African Americans, want us to forget what happened to our ancestors? No other Nationality would ever forget an atrocity that befell their people. So, why are we the only Race who are encouraged and expected to forget?! I understand that it might be a little awkward and uncomfortable to keep hearing and reading about it, because of his family, but it’s history that needs to be told. It seems like he’s saying, “If I don’t teach them about it, or discuss it, then it never happened.” Like he can alter, or change history. HE FUCKED UP MY GPA!
I just remembered; my Freshman Seminar and Oral Communications Professor’s name is Mr. Whitty. We joked about it on our first day of class and was calling him Mr. White-ty ๐Ÿ™‚ . He plays a mean guitar, too. It’s crazy, I was just watching the Bloomberg channel, to check the time, and a woman that works for Google, or Amazon, just wrote her first novel. She was getting interviewed, this was about 4:50am, and the interviewer said the word “unwittingly” and it pushed his name right off my tongue. I’m glad his name came to me, because I wanted to give him his credit. He really loves teaching people who needs his expertise. I learned a lot from him, and I value his commitment to teaching and helping prisoners.
To my CISC Intro Computers/App Software Professor, I hate to say it, but yes, I forgot his name. Maybe it’ll come to me watching another TV program ๐Ÿ™‚ . Anyway, as you can see, I’ve been in prison going on 26yrs., so I guess you can figure out that I’m not technologically inclined, literate, efficient, or advanced. I already knew, going into this class, it was going to be like trying to do Chinese arithmetic. I asked if I could write a paper for extra credit and he let me. It was funny how the paper came about. He told us a true story that dealt with one of his ex-students, who just happened to be a lot older than him, whom he taught at his tenure with IBM. It was about Japan suing IBM over the patent/invention of R.A.M./DRAM. Both inventors submitted their patents at around the same time, one was in Japan and the other was in America. Neither individual knew about the other, or their invention. Well, Japan found out about the other, once he brought it to patent, and tried to sue. The student was able to produce his handwritten and dated notes, which is what saved IBM from instant ruin. So, I wrote my paper on the the Akashic Records, which is a Library of the Universe, a Hall of Records so to speak.
This particular Hall of Records keeps track of everything that took place in the Cosmos, since it’s inception. All of the greatest minds are able to tap into this Universal Library, such as Einstein and Nicola Tesla. A lot of musicians experience this, as well, when they’re resting; they’re allowed access to certain information, which will allow them to bring forth an invention/song that will benefit the world. Numerous inventors around the world, on opposite sides of the globe, have submitted patents for the same invention, on the same date, at the same time. I can’t remember which ones exactly, but the telephone was one, and the R.A.M./DRAM was another one. Musicians go to sleep and dream about a song, wake up, write it down, and it’s a hit. That’s the best example I could put forth, in order to help you understand. You would, personally, have to read the paper for yourself. As a matter of fact, I still have all of my term papers; so, if any of you out there, in blogsphere, need a definite “A”, on a term paper, hit me up and for a small fee, I’ll hit you off ๐Ÿ™‚ . Holla at your Boy; I got you ๐Ÿ™‚ (ha,ha,ha; just playing with you).
We have come to an end, once again; I’m going to have to continue this conversation on Part VIII. So, until next time, I can be reached via JPay; go to your app store, on your Mobile Device, and search for JPay, once located, type in Jeffrey Tobias A704109, Richland Correctional Institution, or write to P.O. Box 8107, Mansfield, Ohio 44901.

Sincerely yours,

Jeffrey Tobias
DOC #A704109

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