Derrick Williams

Respecting interracial relationships by Derrick Williams

Relationships should not be base on race, because true love do not see color, real love interact by the feelings of two hearts joining together, judgement should not be put on your choice of love. African, Caucasian, Asian, Hispanic, we are all part of this universe, some pepole choose to only date, or marry their own race which is really considered prejudice, against others. These type of actions has been based off of traditional generations of hate, and racism it’s time to stand and break that cycle of stereotypes, lets begin to look pass pepoles color and recieve whats in their heart, by giving respect and understanding to the interracial community. I am from New Orleans, LA and have studied the history of blacks and whites in the entire state most of us still epeirence, racism mainly in the prison system, and sometimes in public places it really never goes away, but for the most part i still see a lot of blacks and whites develope, friendships and relationships. I have dated a few white white women in my lifetime, and have expeirenced getting cold stares in public not only from my own race, but also the caucasians. Some folks are still stuck in a segregated mind frame, when they see a black male with a white female, or when they see a black female with a white male, we are all created equal and all relationships should be blinded, by the color of someone skin so from me to you, i truly support all interracial relationships, and will continue to speak out about this unexceptable, issue in our communities.

Derrick Williams
DOC #00548794

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  1. I can speak as a white English girl, who dated an Asian guy, although it wasn’t recent. Neither community accepted us, and many of the attitudes and prejudices were shocking and unacceptable. I don’t think anyone should face discrimination based upon who they fall in love with. Thank you for raising the issue.


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