Anthony Pierre

Give us Life or Give us Death, by Anthony Pierre

Hotep to all my Moorish American family locally and afar in the states, locked up across the Corporate United States in state and the federal penitentiaries and those who have yet to awaken to their free National Name, spiritual way of life and the inheritance of our forefathers. I love you all. It has been a long road that we have traversed on our sojourn together. We have gained alot and have lost tremendous. But the fact of the matter is, we’re still here. There are alot of things that I’d like to bring forth that will probably impact the lives of so many people. Reasons beings is that is because we’ve been hoodwinked and bamboolzed so much on who and what we are as a whole people until we have accepted what some have named and labeled us. In my next blog, I will demonstrate to us all on how we’ve been and still currently deluding to slave labels that has been abolished since 1865. Our free National name, history and religion has been kept sacred away from us for so long, until some of us may find it hard to believe its true by our indoctrination. Whether you are Negro, Black, Colored, African American or White. All of these names are own and certified by the U.S. Congress and the Courts wherein the states where we all reside. Its all in the esoteric/exoteric wording of the 14th and 15th Reconstruction Colorable Amendments of the United States that was ratified between the times of (1865-1870) A.D. Of course, I will never lead us in the dark without having done my homework. My thorough research came from the book intitled “The Autobiography of Nobel Drew Ali/The Exhuming of a Nation/The upliftment of Fallen Humanity.” I had originally named this blog ‘Give us Freedom-or Give us Death” because that is where my brothers and I are at in the South of having filed all sorts of things into the courts on ‘Denationalization’ and ‘Genocide’ and had every door slammed in our faces. There is not any attainment of freedom deluding to slave names and labels what we are not. All of this stems from the original bogus certificate of Live Birth and all other adhesion contracts that all our parents signed when we are were children. They signed all our rights to the CORPORATE UNITED STATES and CONGRESS. We are all ‘chattel-property’ and ‘Persons’ under the 14th Amendment whether we want to believe it or not. We can never be a citizen under another free National Government without proclaiming our Free national name before the government of the United States of these Americas. If everyone was enforced to do it, then its no more that right that the law should be applied to all American citizens alike. -2 be continued- By Sunni Anthony Claude Pierre El Bey Washitaw De Dugdahmoundyah Moor Ancient One. Hotep.

Anthony Pierre
DOC #00356090

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