Milishia Gosha

by Milishia Gosha

Hello everyone out there .i have been incarcerated since i was fourteen i was up for parole after severing 14 years i was denied 6 in 2012 ,I was back up for parole july 2018 in which i was just deined 3 years. i have done everything to rehabilitate myself many years ago yet georgia dept of corrections is still denying me my freedom ,from a mistake i made as a teenager im 35 years old now.Please i beg you to share my story on face book and petition for me .im not allowed to recieve emails form people through jpay the dept of corrections are limiting all inmates in georgia to only have 12 family memebers to email ,i am allowed to recieve postal letters .thanks for your time and help and prayers Still i STAND

milishia gosha #1023682
alto ,ga 30510

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