Patrick Stokes

LIFE WITH PATRICK (Volume 1, Blog 1) By Patrick O. Stokes

MTC-North Central Corr. Complex
P.O. Box 1812 (Wy-A-51)
Marion, Ohio 43301

My name is Patrick. I am 52 years old and I have been incarcerated for 22 years. I am serving LIFE in prison.

I am black, gay and I look much younger than my age. It is true that prison preserves us, at least our looks, I’m not so sure about our minds.

I have been wanting to explore this blogging thing because I have A LOT that I want to say and I want to meet people who want to listen. Being sentenced to LIFE in prison has been an interesting experience. Before prison, I had gone to college (an English Major), I served 6 years in The U.S. Army and I had lived a fun life before I got locked up at age 30. I never would’ve guessed that prison would be my life. I wanted so much more for myself. My parents and family had high expectations for my life. Usually, I spend time wishing that my life was different, not incarcerated, but then how ineffective does that make my life NOW?

NOW! Lately I have been trying to appreciate that reality, afterall, it is all we ever have. But I want the dream, that picture in my head that I attach to happiness. If I can only find happiness NOW, then LIFE in prison could be great. Why do I want LIFE in prison to be great? Because when it is all said and done, I just want what everyone else in the world wants. I just want to BE happy! I know that is a choice at any given moment but sometimes that is hard to choose when serving LIFE in prison.

Two weeks ago, I was in segregation, under investigation because someone tried to smuggle 10 cell phones and some marijuana into this place in some food, during an event hosted by the organization I founded (The Long-Term Offenders’ Organization). They got the guy who did it and I was released from the hole, but I lost so much in the process, at least that’s what I thought initially. Lately, I have been noticing so much that I have gained. It’s as if that entire ordeal happened for a greater good. I think my LIFE in prison has a greater good. That is the basic concept of The Long-Term Offenders’ Organization, to encourage men and women who are serving long prison sentences to live like our lives have purpose, even though that’s difficult to see sometimes. I want to improve life for long-term offenders, but right now, I have to improve my own life. I’m usually an optimist but sometimes I struggle. This is one of those times.

I am all over the place with this blog. I suppose that is cool. I’ll share more later. I just want to see how this works. Until next time. #The Long-Term Offenders’ Organization. What is it?

JPay me @:

Patrick O. Stokes
DOC #331-308

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