lonely man by Nate Robinson

When I got locked up I was single. Not that I wanted to be, I just didn’t find Mrs right and trust me I was looking for her. I know I’m a good guy to have and I’m not too picky 🙂 I’m handsome and loyal, I’m not perfect but who is? But being incarcerated and being single gets lonely. I wish I had a significant other I could call and talk to and have her come visit. Having someone to love and knowing that someone loves you helps get through this rough time. Sometimes I do have days where I just feel down and I know if I had a special person in my life,hearing her voice would brighten up my day. Sometimes calling my brother helps because we would laugh and joke and talk about the past but its nothing like having that special lady. I guess I will take a nap and hope I see her in my dream.

Nathaniel Robinson
DOC #696-962

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