Robert Cassidy

Introducing Robert Cassidy

Hey my name is Robert Cassidy ,I am 33yrs old I’m from Akron Ohio,
I have one beautiful daughter that is my pride and joy not to mention my motivation in life . I am in Lebanon prison and I’m not from this down south region where I am currently incarcerated at so I don’t have the best support system ,Plus I don’t get visits so this time has been extra hard for me these past few years,
I enjoy playing sports and working out I read and write a lot to keep my mind out of these walls as much as possible and I enjoy learning new things .
I’m praying that the lord will send me a blessing soon, My spirit is broken over this whole situation that I’m going thru but I refuse to loose faith or give up fighting for what is right,
This situation has opened my eyes to how unjust this system of our’s truly is It seem unreal, I believe once you get to know me and hear my case you will feel the same way ,That this is anything but justice but that will be for another blogg some other time.
I do need a support system and ppl who will reach out to me because this is a heavy burden to carry alone I’m not asking for anything besides jpays and someone to communicate with in the free world from time to time ,Being in prison can make you feel dehumanized and forgotten because of the way we are treated or looked at so I’m asking for anyone to please show their support by writing or sending jpays to me .
My information is !

Robert Cassidy #732-244
P.O box 56
Lebanon ,Ohio ,45036
or jpays at Robert Cassidy #732-244

Suzie I want to thank you for taking the time out to reach out to me it means more then you know ,Not many ppl would do what you are doing for ppl in prison I am blessed that you are giving me this opportunity to get some support and speak my mind I am forever in debt to you Thank you .Your husband is truly blessed to have a woman like you on his side God bless you.

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