Jason Parr

‘Keeping my Humanity’ By: Jason Parr

Over the years of my incarcerations
I have noticed that the current generation of prisoners are more desensitized to the violence we see on the news. I was speaking with an individual about all the different mass shootings and killings going on and his only comment was to shrug his shoulders and say better them than me. Now this sameperson was all upset about a cop killing a kid that was unarmed. I dont see any difference between the cop killing a kid than someone that looks like me doing the same. I have yet to understand how one is worse than the other. dont just be riled up about police brutality and turn around and do nothing about us killing our own future generations. if you are going to stand up for non violence you should do it allthe time no matter if its black or white killing each other or police killing people. it is time for us to reclaim our humanity and start treating each other the way we want to be treated. I started coming to prison when I was 16 years old and for a very long time i was losing my humanity, I will be 41 soon and everyday I work hard to show myself that i have regained my humanity and my moral conciousness. the last thing iwant is to leave here a bitter and amoral person. thank you for taking the time to read this. you have know idea what it means to be able to speak whats on your heart and mind.

any comments can be made to me in the following ways;

Jason Parr #A608-600
5900 B.I.S. Rd.
lancaster ohio, 43130
or find me on jpay.com

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