Patrick Williams Jr

Introducing Patrick Williams Jr

my name is Patrick Williams Jr #540683 I’m 28 years of age and I’m from Cleveland,Oh I’ve been incarcerated since I was 16 and I’m doing 20 years to life in prison I’m currently doing time at Ross correctional institution near Columbus Ohio I’m 12 years in on my sentence and I love to read and write I’m from a small suburb in Cleveland called Cleveland heights I’m very open minded to a lot of things and I’m also very opinionated lol but I have a heart of gold that gets me in trouble but all in all I think I’m a natural blogger, maybe its the Capricorn in me lol my birthday is December 31st and I can’t wait to communicate with the outside world / my goal is to is to hopefully help someone rather its motivation or spiritual but before I leave this earth I hope to help someone and also I just want to be herd PEACE………

Patrick Williams Jr
DOC #540683


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  1. Keep it up young brother! I actually went to school at U of Akron for a year and visited Cleveland just once sadly, but it’s a nice and beautiful city. Tough for your Cavs and Browns! Lol! I’m a Cap too, Jan 9th so I understand about being opinionated. Haha! Stay positive!


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