thinking out loud wondering whom may be listening?alone and lonely. is anyone really out there?alone and lonely. being alone in a cell some times 23hours a day there’s only so many things you can do before you become bored!alone and lonely.you can get up and look out your cell window to see what’s going on’but most likely you’ll only see inmates coming and going either to work to the law library or pill call etc…alone and lonely.but around 3:00 to 3:30pm its usually mail call which the c/o’s walk around the tier and goes door to door passing out mail, and at that time of day everybody hoping they get some mail from the outside world alone and lonely. but once the c/o walks pass your door and you don’t get any mail its a mixed emotion of lonely ness and depression wondering have the outside world forgot about you?alone and lonely.now when that happens you really start to learn that the friends you thought you had really aren’t your friends!alone and lonely. when you was free they were all around now that your locked down there no where to be found.alone and lonely. the girl you use to spend your time with where is she now?alone and lonely. some women stick around and stay down for you’but i have seen it with my own eyes only about 40% want leave you high and dry, and the other 60% will be gone with the wind within your first year.alone and lonely. but it makes you wonder how could your friends or women who use to be around you everyday not look out for you here and there or at least send you a letter a post card or a birthday card once a year now how hard is that?alone and lonely.but all you can do is stand tall through it all until the tide changes hopefully sooner then later,and stay focused and always be positive then you will see things start to fall into place.alone and lonely. never give up through the struggle do the time, and don’t let the time do you because one day you’ll be free again!!!!:-) alone and lonely!

P.O.BOX 5242
CORCORAN, CA 93212-5242

Categories: LONELINESS, Pierre Redd, poems

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