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I belong to a Prison ThinkTank called T-POCC it is the Brainchild of of a PhD Criminologist from Ohio State University at Newark Ohio
her Name is
Dr. Angela Bryant. It’s important to give Heartbeat Props to Women like Dr. Bryant because she could certainly be doing something totally different than Driving to Lancaster, Ohio every week in an effort to make a difference in the lives of Incarcerated Men who may one day live in either her Community or one nearby. This is an even greater example for our Legislators who will tackle Prison reform this year as an effort to curtail the overcrowded American Justice System . Dr. Bryant, is also the Motivation behind an academic Project in Prison across our state Called Inside/Out, this is a class that include both Outside College Students and Residents, inside the actual Prison. Our Think Tank (T-POCC) is also made up of Alumni of the innovatived College experience. We meet twice a month here at the prison to dissect the the injustices occurring all over america in our Justice System and Parole Procedures. Not to slam the hell out of what’s bad about it but to help Parole Boards in establishing the Transparency of who is ready to go home from prison and who may not be. I am not so blind as to believe that Angela is alone in this cause because others are also working hard and getting results from their efforts. We as a group (T-pocc) are exploring the Potential of PAR Research to gather statistical data that no one else has considered, in the journey forward in order to reduce Overcrowding and Recidivism which is the brainmatter of this Three headed Monster we are fighting. Yes, Big Business, Politics and Churches are the main influences of the Prison Lifestyle. The “FORM” of Prison life we are living is based on a need to serve Drug addicted Personalities and no-violent Offenders. The Two-Tier System in Ohio is Holding Violent Offenders who has served over 30 plus years in the System and, who has been branded as the Worse of the Worse. However, they are good enough to facilitate the Re-Entry Programs and stand up in the General Populations as Role Models for the young, drug addicted offenders. This is a FORM of Prison that Everyone in the Community wants to visit and sell things to, but they don’t want us to come out and be reintegrated into society. Prison “REFORM” appears to be a determination by the Corrections Industry to get back to the way prison was, prior to my arrival over 30 years ago. Back to a time where Violence ruled and Drugs and Tobacco was the sedative of choice. When Release was grounded on forgiveness and second chances. Where the village it takes was more expansive and charged with the combined efforts of both inmates and Unionized Employees. Overtime or Compensation hours were the incentive to truly make the difference in the lives of broken citizens. I’m glad to have is avenue to express my need at this time in my life. I feel comfortable bringing you my issues because I believe that the world is finally listening to me so I begg of you to allow us to learn together. We are all in a position to serve one another. I have things to do and say that I have been keeping in reserve for times only meant for moments like this. We have an irreplaceable mission, some of the value of our commitment will not be seen or understood right away, but in it’s own time, the world will see. Prison makes us aware of how much the small things mean. I realize how much is going on out there by the abolishionist for us forgotten lifers in thee prisoners. Even the Subtle lil small things are appreciated. It’s the reason I am so encouraging to others now! I also appreciate this opportunity to talk to you because it,s a time for joy and happiness in an otherwise gray society. Joy is the best remedy for the pain I endure in this House of hell. So from here on out, no matter if I’m doing good or bad, this blogg, makes me feel like I’m on top of the world.
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Anthony Simmons
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