My Reality by Keith Bond, Jr. (aka: The Painter)

Its strange how us men seek compassion. When we are at our lowest peak in time. Trying to wrap ourselves around someone’s heart . When most of are time was influence by the infatuation of another being. The opposite of what we desire. Unknown to the attribution of seeing life through her kind eyes. Hidden ourselves behind the carcass of being a careless being. Now that time is a waste with minimum chances. I became grateful to wanting what other witness with another being. Only to find that every opportunity given, is now shield with defeat. Realizen my part in the way most woman feel . Even doe I wish to seek that happiness they strive for in this world of vagueness. Drowning in a pool of rejection . Wanting to change an be that fragile being of man. The resentment set forth from those before me . Who reflect what I once was. There aspect of wanting to see change slowly fades. Knowing how it feels being kick while down. Stranded in ones own mind of need. Does that mean change has no existence, or that the cycle flaws cannot change?

Well I apologize for all man, who abuse the open minded heart of passion for there own selfish needs. I would like to apologize to those I left with no understanding to why me? Believen they must change for the next man after me……When it was me who should change for the next woman, who man reflected the past of me…..Indenial to the power of sharing a journey, with someone who adores me with out pity. Knowing the way affection makes me uncomfortable when it comes with loyalty. Believen I can’t have a friend who is a Queen. When all honesty I will be lying to myself for saying I’am a king. The chance in question redirect my morality to carefree. Seeing the presence of having a Queen, who want’s a king with out the need, but love sharen life as one when she breath. “Honesty , chivalry, respect , security , personality , compassion , trust , and bravery”……

-Essence Of Beauty-

Keith Bond, Jr.
DOC #537103


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