Anthony Waters

MARTYR by Anthony L.Waters


Judge me because of my negative actions,
not because of my positive works.

I’m already damned by being locked up,
my friends becoming my enemy’s.

people saying they love me and they gone be there,
but deep down in there hearts,
I know they don’t even fucking care.

local jokers that’s fake,
trying to take my mate,
all because they want to eat from a kings plate.

I’m suffering already,
why everybody being petty,
I get locked up,
to see dudes I thought was real,
is really frauds,
wanting what I got,
because they felt like I’m the next best thing to GOD,
that’s odd.

I’m in here shedding tatoo tears,
for my peers who got shot or overdosed,
and died over the years,
plus I’m trying to put the pieces back together,
I lost my mother.

broke ass lames got my name in their mouth,
trying to impress,
now who wearing a dress.

Dont be speaking down on my name unless u talking facts,
just give me a couple more years and I’ll be back,
the system didn’t give me life,
but did give the wrong one to much time to sit and think to long,
my heart turned into stone,
sometimes I think this is where I belone,

I never been a rat and never turned from a dog to a cat,
I decided to do my time like a gee,
I would never throw an alarm clock,
in the bed while a lame is sleep.

I’m already oppressed what’s next,
busters acting like a females jumping on my j-pay talking shit in a text.

I showed y’all that I can’t be broke,
this got to be a joke,
I’m to smart to hang my self with my own damn rope,
best be careful of the ones you provoke,
you may wake up to an nightmare,
can’t swollow because somebody’s holding your throat.

being persecuted because I’m loving her and she showing me love,
you already hit them cheeks dude damn it is what it was.

no feelings about the past,
me and her keep it in a boat,
u can try to sink our ship,
but our love gone float..

I allowed her to take u for a ride,
I ain’t gone lose somebody I love over my pride,
I’m gone stick wit my entre.
so do your self a favor and get over your side,
I been through to much to hide,
my access is granted,
can’t be denied,
if you never been taught then it’s hard to swim against a tide,
a person can’t bring forth life when they already died,
so now u decide.

Martyr-(means) one who makes great sacrifices for a cause/
One who endure great suffering..(like ME)

peace to the true and living

DOC #720-786

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  1. Wow it is one thing when I read your Poetry. It is great when I tell you the Title and you start talking to me like you have your Paper right in front of you, it amaze me so that it is Awesome to my mind brian and soul.


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