Keith Bond Jr.

Hart Grove st by Keith Bond, Jr. (aka: The Painter)

I was loved by a woman
who feared to fail me.
Abandoning me at the same time.
Confine from my misery.
only to be hurt from time to time.
tears I pleaded for her to save me.
was a mystery since her heart wasn’t apart of her eyes.
I lost someone who I knew love me.
it shows in there heart warming smile.
YU see but don’t see me.
inside there so much pain I already died.
even right now I’m not me.
I been gone for a long time.
the innocent one who never cried an just sleep.
stays awake with half closed eyes.
trust is a word to sorta speak
if YU see life through my eyes.
I guess love is a different definition to me.
because I never felt that reality in my time.
I was loved by woman,
who feared to love me .
only to abandon at the same time……

Keith Bond, Jr.
DOC #537-103

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