Matthew Epperson

Yep, I’m a Millenial by Matthew Epperson

Born December of 1991, I am the result of a spring fling. I vaguely remember the 90’s, but I have deep rooted memories in the 2000’s. I remember my 4th grade teacher crying on a horrific September day 18 years ago. I remember not understanding. I remember how disgusting I was as a tween, and the pathetically commical decision I made in 7th grade to get me kicked out of Stuart Middle School. I remember Sarah, my first kiss; the trailer park girl, my first BJ; Carolyn, my first everything. I heard a Hinder song the other day that I hate because I remember everything being robbed from me when I hear it. I remember being too young to love Boston, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zepplin, and Bob Seger. I remember cheating my way through my 2nd alternative school and graduating 6 months before my graduating class. I remember sleeping on roof tops as a homeless 18 year old six months after graduation. I remember poor decisions, good times, failed relationships, love, hate, fear, and questions. I know these things have morphed me into the crippled butterfly that I am, trying desperately to maneuver my way through life’s sky. And I know that I have a wonderful, sad, funny, encouraging story to tell. Before I leave this place within the next 9 years, I’m going to tell it. You will laugh, cry, raise your fists in victory, and throw the book across the room. I’m certain. But, I have other stories to tell you before then. With that being said, read and enjoy the things I write until then. I hope to see you all someday 9 years from now and I look forward to hearing all of your comments.

Go see something live!

Thank Suzie.

Matthew Epperson
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