Vincent Evans

“First Blog EVER” by Vincent Evans

My name is Vincent Evans but I’ve had all types of nicknames over the years because prison never allows you to keep the identity you entered the system with. Plus, time has a way of forcing us to evolve, or at least mature and grow out of who we were in order to embrace who we are becoming.
As a teenager, I made some poor decisions that have carried lifelong consequences and although I am extremely remourseful, I also understand that I can’t allow the past to prevent me from moving forward.
I came in back in 1993 when I was 18 years old and it looks like I’ll be leaving out in 2019 when I’m 44 or 45, depending on how long the release process takes. My parole board release hearing is scheduled for May of 2019, so we’ll see how that turns out.
I love writing but have never had the opportunity to write a blog, so I’m excited about this! I have so much on my heart and mind that I’d like to share. I intend to post something at least once a week because expressing myself through writing is a major stress reliever for me. Plus, I appreciate this opportunity to be heard.
Contact Info:

*by email
(Vincent Evans #285-692/Ohio)

*by mail
Vincent Evans #285-692
P.O. Box 8107
Mansfield OH 44901

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