Karlton Kincaid



,what loves you back, comes back loved.
,loved are you that, loves who it’s of.
,of which has passion, cries just because.
,crying is compassionately falling in love.

,tears soften tough, hard-hearted crums.
,crums of heart taste moist on love-tongues.
,smooth is love passion, love is passion rough.
,tough is compassion when tears fall above.

,passion rains love when fallen from.
,from above does compassion become.
,because of whose love, will who stand up.
,can you stand being in love when it rains hard enough.

,beaten by droplets of passion, my hearts’ crush.
,a crush for your compassion, soaks in much.
,much of which has fallen, each tear hardens trust.
,trust who loves best, the best drop comes.

Savvinardo Savinci

DOC #657181

Categories: Karlton Kincaid, poems

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