Essay#1 Prison Politics:nThrough my eyes, a glimpse at how Convict Culture impacts friendships. by Tony Lewis

Growing up I encountered severla wise individuals who warned me never to use the word HATE. Through them expliaing their perception on the word, they schooled(or attempted to school me) on how that particular emotion could be noxious to not only my physical but more for my spirit. And for sometime before I was shakled into incarceration I did a decent job at not loosely implimenting that word into my daily vocabulary.
But those days have long passed. Those days of consciously censoring that harmful emotion from my dialogue was abolished the moment I came to know what drastically changed my demenor towards a stranger; and thats those unwritten laws, those invisible lines i the sand people as I know as Prison Politics. And as I think back on all the cases where prison politics had blinded so many good men to make rong decisions, which resulted in unjust and unfit actions of blood shed, only to be regretted when the smoke clears, I shake my head pitifully. Those thoughts, does nothing but corroborate my current standing; which is, when it comes to the Prison Politics, of this world Ive known for the last decade, I can sincerely say…I HATE that shit.

To me, prison is just a world within a world; no different from regular society, where civilains are ruled by the rules of democracy; where problems arise from conflicted mishaps. In my world, politics exsist just as it does in the world of the unconfined, only difference is, in my world, there are no campaign banners plastered on the walls, displaying hues of patriotism. In this world of mine, the politicians arent draped inexpensive suits and ties, and as they exercise what they feel to be polotical liberty while at the same time rarely standing politically correct. And I know this to be true, not because of personal opinion but from personal experience. And I know THAT to be true, cause it was the Politics of Prison that swayed me to do it…
to bring danger to Vee.

To be continued…..

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Tony T Lewis #98308
PO BOX 311

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