Christopher Johnson

A Man Or Woman’s Worth Is Shown In Their Ability To Influence Someone’s Course:By Christopher Johnson

“Whether we fail to accept it or not.Our lives are motivated by something or someone.And it’s just my opinion that a woman do inspire us, because they are the caregivers.And to the woman who seem to act as if they life is significant without a man.You was not created to be alone.Truth is,you may just need a man to come home to and do simple things like be there.Smile.You was created to be by a man side.You are our equal partners.You’re Not below us or above us,but at our side.And me personally I love beautiful plus size women.They are some of the most underestimated women,who holds and have much value.Why do you think a man or woman can change for better or for worse?Because of someone’s ability to influence the course of they life. :ChristopherJohnson#472377 R.L.C.C Cajun 3 B-l 8 1630 Prison Road. Cottonport,La 71327.

Christopher Johnson
DOC #472377


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