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Q. Okay. Now at — Was there some occasion either the first time or the second time that you were at Mr. Worrell’s apartment, in which he actually had a roll or a wad of money that he showed to the two (2) of you?

A. Yes.

Q. Okay. Was that the — Was that the first or the second time?

A. If I recall correctly, it was the first time.

Q. Okay. And how did that — I mean, you know, how did that come about?

A. With them talking about the trip to West Virginia, David was trying to explain the principle of how — gambling is only what you make of it. That you’ve got to play your cards smart and not put away — down too much money to where you wind up leaving there with nothing. You’re supposed to be smart about it and double your money before you leave the table.

Q. So, how did Mr. Worrell react to that advice?

A. He was like, look I don’t need anybody telling me about how to deal with money. I’ve got money.

Q. And what did he do?

A. He walked into the kitchen, I believe it was the second cabinet, he reached into the cabinet, walked around, and laid it down on the table like that. He said, now I have money.

Q. Okay.

A. And then —

Q. Did you handle it?

A. No.

Q. Did David handle it?

A. No.

Q. I mean, how big of a pile or roll of money was it?

A. Probably around like that.

Q. So, I mean, it was three (3), four (4), maybe five (5) inches tall?

A. Uh-huh.

Q. Okay.

A. And after he picked up that money, then there was a bank statement.

Q. Excuse me.

A. A piece of a bank clip or statement, like an ATM receipt laying there.

Q. Okay. So anyway, you all went over to the pool. What happened then?

A. When we were over at the pool, Mr. Worrell and Mr. Bomber were sitting on the back side of the pool.

Q. And where were you sitting?

A. I wasn’t sitting.

Q. Well, where — what were you doing?

A. I was playing with Amber.

Q. And Amber is who?

A. Amber is Joyce’s neighbor’s daughter.

Q. And how old is Amber?

A. I think she’s nine (9).

Q. Okay. And were you playing with Amber in the pool?

A. Yes.

Q. And what were David and Michael doing?

A. David and Michael were up at the pool just talking. I guess they’re just watching them — the kids play around them.

Q. How big —

A. I don’t really know, because I was intently —

Q. Well from time to time, you would look at them?

A. Yes. Like, I never really took my eye off of them for more than five (5) minutes.

Q. Okay. How crowded was the pool?

A. Really crowded.

Q. Okay. At — Did you see anything out of the ordinary happen with David?

A. David got up and went to go to talk to this blonde headed lady. And —

Q. Did you know this blonde headed lady?

A. No.

Q. Okay. And what happened?

A. I got out of the pool and I walked around them like, hey. And she said, hey. David was like, this is one of my friends that I’ve made today, also. And I’m like, oh okay. But, if he had talked to any other female, he knew that he’d make me jealous, and he’d especially do it when he was drinking to do it as a joke to me. But —

Q. What did you do?

A. I’m sorry.

Q. So, what happened?

A. He was standing there talking to her, and her little girl was there, and he picked her little girl up. And she had the wings, floatie wings, and he was dipping her feet down into the pool and she — she didn’t like it. And he was like, okay, sweetie —

Q. Who didn’t like it.

A. The little girl. She didn’t like it, because she like crying, because I guess she didn’t really know him that well. But —

Q. And how close were you to all of this?

A. No more than one (1) foot away.

Q. So, I mean, you all were — all — You, David, the little girl, the blonde headed woman were all basically within a few feet of each other?

A. Uh- huh.

Q. Okay. What happened then.

A. When she started crying, he said, okay sweetie, I’m sorry and he sat — he sat her back down on the sidewalk. Then he said, watch your step, it’s a little slippery here in the water. And she — he was like do you want to go ahead and sit down and eat your chips? And she just looked at him as she was walking over to the chair, being shy. And her mom said that she gets shy like that sometimes. And he nodded, like David come on and get over here and sat down. So me and David walked over and sat down. And I was sitting between Mr. Worrell and Mr. Bomber.

Q. And did you say anything — Did you personally say anything to this blonde headed woman before you and David left?

A. Un-uh.

Q. I mean, did you know who she was? Know her name?

A. No.

Q. You didn’t say anything to her about, where’s your husband?

A. Un-uh. No. I don’t — Wait, maybe I did. Because I’d seen her — I’d seen her before, but I did not — I don’t — I never had met her.

Q. Okay. But you didn’t see David touch her?

A. No.

Q. Okay. But you — But you did see the two of them talking together?

A. Yes.

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