Matthew Newton

How do you call… Matthew l Newton

How do you call upon the strength needed to get thru another day? When all you want is to be with the ones you love. When all you feel like doing is sitting on the other end of a phone, listening to thier voice.

How do you know when enough has been done? When all that you can do is all that you have done. When the one thing you hold most dear is nearest to you in life, as well as your heart. When the efforts you’ve made to secure a good future have the weight behind them to push you out, beyond the walls of your confinement and into the arms of fate.

How do you say the things you’ve meant to say without sounded stupid or afraid or insensitive or insecure? When you make the effort, yet suffer the adverse effects of failure. When you know how to speak yet say what you want instead of want you need.

How do you know anything at all? When working is painful. When waking up is even more so. When you sense depression creeping it’s way into you once more and are forced to smile and continue as if nothing is even wrong.

How do you see the truth in front of you?

Would you know it if you saw it? Would you hear it if it spoke? Would you even know the difference, are you asleep or are you woke?

How do you tell if the world is on fire or are you the one with the matches. When you’re out of excuses and life calls with more questions, do you give up or give in or just strike another one, tossing it there on the pillow before you and watch as the flames overcome;
Dusted is this, the one thought I have in my head that I cannot outrun.

Matthew Newton
DOC ##81868


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