-A Requiem for Innocence- by Sean Brown

The cruelest tragedy in Life is for a parent/guardian to have to bury a child.
Whether it’s losing a newborn on up to any age thereafter, the pain & heartache which a parent endures from suffering such a loss is immeasurable. As parents, the only thought for our Children is for them to be Safe, Happy, Healthy, & to fulfill their Dreams. Parents want to see their Children surpass them, be better than them, to have more opportunities for success. The heartache which must be felt, the anger, shock, unmerited guilt, the utter sorrow in the Soul is truly unimaginable!
Hopefully you’ve been spared such a fate b/c that’s how it’s supposed to be. But can you even begin to fathom the anguish which wreaks havoc on a Father who has to go identify the body of his Daughter whom he was simply waiting on to come home??? Or the helplessness a Mother feels in the hospital @ her Son’s bedside watching him suffer while holding his hand to try & comfort him as he’s dying??? His have these scenarios become so common that there aren’t outcries of shock & disbelief every time they occur??? How have We, as a Society, become so numb that we can’t register Pain unless it strikes close to Home???
EMPATHY: understanding of another’s feelings; the ability to identify with & understand someone else’s feelings or difficulties.
If only we would allow ourselves to see the Connection we all share, the interdependence of Life, we could then see the impacts of, & chain reactions caused by, our own actions as well as those of others. As human beings, what happens to 1 of Us affects all of Us, yet can’t seem to remember this fact. No matter your age, put yourself in the shoes of all the Parents & Guardians who’ve lost Children. How would you feel? Look @ that lady who was on the Duck Boat in Missouri. She lost her Children, in-laws, all those family members in 1 fell swoop. I can even begin to imagine how she’s processing it all. Can you???
Yes, unfortunately these losses happen everyday, but it can’t be overstated that, the Cruelest Tragedy in Life truly is for a Parent/Guardian to have to bury a Child!
Please support The National Center for Victims of Crime with any donations you can afford, they’re a great organization doing great work!

Sean Brown
DOC #1083630

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