Religious Blog. by: Jeremy Summers

” Man’s ultimate question has been “Where do we come from? Why are we here?” I have deep studied numerous religions from the biggest to the smallest. I’m not a scholar or claim to know all. Only my opinion from what I have learned. For 19 years I was brought up as “Wiccan”. In 2012 I began to question my faith and decided to research religions for truth. The last 6 years Islam has been my faith as it (Qur’an) has been word for word for over 1400 years, and prophet Muhammad (pbuh) lived a humble honest and trustworthy life. Even his enemies trusted him with their possessions and life. The same cannot be said of Jesus or Moses. I am not trying to convert nobody so do not mistake my blog as a conversion blog. I studied Christianity but upon research of how the crusades and he church tricked or killed our ancestors into conversion and by doing so destroying parts of our ancestry history. Islam has done the same over the years. In the last 2 years I began another deep study. I have come to believe that all spiritual paths no matter what you believe in lead to the same place. If you believe in heaven then that’s where your going, if you believe in reincarnation then that is what will happen. Mind over matter. If you believe with all your purpose then that is where the soul shall rest. I do not believe in hell for this reason: If hell was real then all the millions of people who lived before Abraham, Noah, Jesus, and Muhammad and believed in their gods or whatever they practiced, they are all in hell? NO! Impossible! We are brainwashed into believing in one god. But the truth is there are many and we should have a choice to discover, read and find our own path to our paradise. If anyone is well educated in Buddhism then I’d love to build more, as I use Buddhism as a philosophy and the meditation to center myself.”

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  1. Who ever said “I Am the way, the truth and the life” but Jesus alone? Who ever died for your sins but Jesus alone? Did Joseph Smith? Muhammad? Etc. Did they rise from the dead? Nope, Jesus alone did. Can they forgive you of your sisns? Nope, Jesus alone can. The Bible teaches the is only one God, not many or as some think, three. Jesus said, “For what good work do you stop r me”? They said, not for any good work, but because you being a man, you make yourself out to be God. Let that sink in. Jesus loves you, He came to die for you on the cross, not them. He rose from the dead to give you eternal life, not them.


  2. Many years ago now I embarked on a serious effort to sort out in my mind what was to be found in religion. You are right; it in our nature to question where we came from and why.

    The only use I have found for religion is to make me more introspective and reflective. And the moral teachings of the Noble eight fold path or the Beatitudes are irreproachable.

    Personally I have no time for divinities or gods. I have no use for them. But the search for the transcendental is altogether something else. Man’s conviction that there must be something he is missing. That there is something out there greater or better than what we see around us. That we can improve our lives and find meaning.

    To some extent that is what religion has sought to do over the millennia. But perhaps today science can do that for us rather better. That is my belief anyway.


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